followed up some more on BT seeds usage in different countries. One country where these seeds and their modifications have been carefully and systematically used seems to be Australia. It seems that these seeds have to e carefully used and monitored with a system of refuges. And the seeds have been modified every few years. Long term uses and effects on health of people and soil are still being studied. With these provisos, it seems to be a success in Australia. Of course, there are other problems like the price of seeds in different countries, cost of production, gloalization effects due to subsidies etc. So, my current impression is that it is a tricky technology which on the whole yields higher profits, but has to be continuosly monitored by reliable agencies (Monsanto was fined in Indonesia for bribing).

i had struggled, the way you are now, trying to find the implications of bt technology/gm seeds etc., i found that it’s too early to conclude about their efficacy etc,., but you seem to be ignoring one vital issue here that i had pointed out on the other india tooo.. that bt cotton seems like the only alternative available to indian farmers right now..
let me put it differently - if there was no bt cotton the rate of suicides wouldn’t decrease at all, but might actually increase because there’d have been increased crop failures because the conventional seeds and pest control methods are failing increasingly. farmers see it as an effective answer to the major pest attacking cotton -bollworm. and the yields are also higher than conventional varieties..let me also point out here that suicides of cotton farmers started in andhra pradesh a few years before bt seeds were actually introduced on a commercial basis in india.

secondly, india’s trade in agricultural trade is low, when compared with the total volume of world trade.. we can’t really talk about global trends affecting indian farmers in a significant way as yet..
in my view, globalisation is an easy scapegoat for all those disparate groups ranged against reforms in india - the communists, the rss, the socialists, the environmentalists, the staus-quoists in the congress etc., etc., to blame all ills on..

General Greenhouse Management

Greenhouse Construction
Climate Control in GH Structures
Greenhouse Management: Soil Sterilization and preparation, cultural practices in flower and vegetable cultivation
Irrigation and Fertigation Technology
Crop Protection
Post Harvest and Marketing

Marketing of Horticultural Produce

Importance and Scope
Post-Harvest and Handling
Marketing Channels
Domestic & Export Marketing : Potential Markets & Procedures
Logistics and Planning
Marketing of Allied Products


Bank of Maharashtra
Minor Irrigation for Agriculturists scheme for purchase of various irrigation equipments.
Mahabank Kisan Credit Card scheme for cultivation of crops, meeting the short-term credit needs of farmers.
Farm Mechanisation for Agriculturists scheme for Purchase of Tractors/Power tillers, Harvesters, Threshers & other farm
Animal Husbandry scheme for Purchase of animals, Poultry- Broiler Farm, Layers Farm, Hatchery Sheep/Goat Rearing Construction
of Byre, and Purchase of Machinery Working Capital Requirements under
Scheme for Cultivation of fruit crops-mango, Pomegranate, Grapes etc.
Scheme for providing finance to set up of Agri-Clinics/Agribusiness Centers.
Scheme for Financing Farmers for Purchase of Agricultural land.
Scheme for Financing Two Wheelers to Farmers
Scheme for Providing Loans to Farmers for Purchase of consumer durables
Scheme for Hi-tech projects in agriculture.
Rural Godown Scheme (Gramin Bhandaran Yojana) for scientific storage of agricultural produce.
Minor Irrigation for Agriculturists

Purpose :
Digging of new wells, revitalization of existing well, purchase of oil engine, electric motor, pump set installation of pipe line, sprinkler, irrigation, drip irrigation, tube well, bore well, etc.
Eligibility : Agriculturist who owns agricultural land.
Amount : For new dug wells as per the NABARD Unit costs for equipments/estimates.
Repayment : Depending upon the repaying capacity 7 to 11 years.
Security : Mortgage of land, Hypothecation of movable assets and guarantors.
Other Terms & Conditions :
Proposed well should be located in white watershed area. It should not be in dark watershed area.